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The Shrine of
Sohryu Asuka Langley:
The Second Goddess of Evangelion
Asuka on top of the Nerv logo

Asuka looking tired

*Sigh*..."Why does Rei get all the attention?"


My apologies to those of you who have been recent visitors to the site. Many image links are not currently working due to their being stored on my old Geocities account prior to the merger with Yahoo. Consequently, all of those files have been erased. A few sections are already up and running (those marked with an * in the contents frame) and the rest will be as well as soon as I restore the remaining files, what with work and studying for the LSAT. Thanks for your patience.


That's just what I was thinking. Not to disparage Rei Ayanami herself, the First Goddess of Evangelion, but I thought that it was time for Asuka to get her own little image archive or shrine (call it what you like) just like Rei, who seems to have a cult following.
Or something like that. I mean, if you would think about setting up a shrine or page dedicated to an Evangelion character, the first one to come to mind would be Rei. Which is perfectly natural. Gainax has created a beautiful, interesting, and enigmatic character whom fans of Evangelion have become fascinated with (at least maybe until they finish the series and watch the movies).
However, I feel that Asuka deserves her due. She is after all, the Second Child, pilot of Eva-02, and a key character in the series, and is a very interesting and fun character. She's also a necessary counter to Rei's VERY reserved personality (and Shinji's too). Without her I believe the series would be far more serious and there wouldn't be as many antics (few as they are) that would lighten the mood of an already serious story.
It is with this in mind that this page is dedicated to Sohryu Asuka Langley: The Second Goddess of Evangelion.

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